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About Us

Passion for Olive Oil since 1919

Founded in Portugal in 1919 by a visionary man called Mr. Victor Guedes, Gallo is a brand that is synonymous of Portuguese soul and tradition.

In Gallo Worldwide we are passionate about Olive Oil., and we have been working with this magical world for over 90 years.

Our aim is to bring olive oil into every nation's diet plans. We want consumers to know more about the benefits of this "liquid gold" and to understand how it can be a part of every cuisine.

The reputation of Gallo Olive Oil was built with strict quality standards and constant learning. Our team has been working since 1919 together with olive tree growers, mills, researchers and experts to learn more about olive oil to continuously improve our products.

Making outstanding olive oil implies extensive knowledge, training and dedication. To make a great "olive juice" we can only count on the fruit - the olives. No additives, no preservatives, no colorings are allowed.

That is why we have been studying and testing olive tree varieties for a long time, the best ways to grow them, the perfect moment to harvest the fruits, optimizing the way to run the mills, so that the final product has the full body, flavor and perfume that only Gallo can make.

What makes Gallo Olive Oil unique?

  • Master blender

    100 years of tradition and unique know-how! Since 1919 our masters have crafted blends with selected olive oils in order to create different flavor profiles, which are distinct and constant. Learn more about our mastery.

  • Selection & tasting

    Every year we taste over 5.000 olive oil samples  and more than 70% of them are rejected due to our rigorous quality standards. In order to guarantee a high quality product we have an in-home highly trained tasting panel. Learn more about our mastery.

  • Quality & Environment

    Victor Guedes factory has been certified by the ISO 9001 since 2002 in terms of quality and by the ISO 14001 in terms of environment.

  • Recognition

    Our mastery and quality have been rewarded with multiple international awards. Discover more about our awards.

  • Wide Product Offer

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Extra Virgin: Standard, Premium, Flavored), Table Olives, Vinegars and Hot Sauce. Learn more about our products.

  • Olive Oil From Portugal

    Portugal has all the necessary characteristics to create olive oil of superior quality: climate, soil, modern harvesting and milling techniques and the ancestral knowledge of olive oil production rituals. Learn more about olive oil from Portugal.

  • The Best Fat

    Olive Oil is the healthiest edible oil, with innumerous health benefits such as prevention of some heart diseases, some types of cancer, reduction of total cholesterol and insulin needs by diabetics. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-aging effects. Learn more about olive oil benefits.

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