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The Gallo legacy

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The Origin
The origin of Gallo olive oils dates back to the 18th century.
It came about through the foundation of an institution
in Abrantes, Portugal, which belonged to
“União Industrial, Lda.”.

Vitor Guedes Factory - Abrantes - Portugal


Gallo has been a trademark since 1919
when it became known for producing an
olive oil with a unique taste.


Legend has it that Mr Victor Guedes decided
to name the olive oil “Gallo” (portuguese for
rooster) when he woke up one morning and opened
his bedroom windows to the sound of a rooster crowing.


As Mr Victor Guedes was originally from Galicia
he registered the trademark with two L’s,
a name that has been kept today because
of its singular traits and originality.


As of 1938, when “Victor Guedes & C.A.” purchased
“União Industrial, Lda.”, Gallo started investing in its
international expansion, focusing particularly on the
markets where the Portuguese emigrated to:
Brazil and Venezuela.



International Expansion
Initially focused on producing olive oil for exports,
in 1969 the company changed its strategy in a crucial
manner and defined penetration of the domestic market
as its main goal. This was followed by heavy industrial
expansion and significant investments were made in
opening new facilities and modernising the existing ones.

Gallo Olive Oil packing cans line
Olive Oil distribution in Algarve
Warehouse - Vitor Guedes Factory

FIMA, a company owned by
Unilever and Jerónimo Martins, acquires the Gallo brand.
From that moment onwards, the investmernt in promotion of the brand
is intensified, reinforcing the leading position of Gallo Olive Oil.


watch video watch video "Origins"

Launch of the first edition of Gallo New Olive Oil
This olive oil is produced using the first olives of the new crop.

New Olive Oil

watch video watch video "New Olive Oil"

The Master

The Master

watch video watch video "The Master"

Portugality (the Portuguese identity) represents the best of Portugal and the Portuguese people. It represents openness to the world;
it is a concept of travelling the world and embracing it; the concept of a Portugal that influences the world due to its language, its attitude and even the diaspora that thrives in all continents.


“Portugality” is thus a form of identity of which the Portuguese language is an essential pillar.


Christmas Eve Mass
(TN: In Portugal it is called “Missa do Galo”)

Missa do galo

watch video watch video "Missa do Galo"

Gallo develops and launches a new olive oil
segment infused with Aromatic Herbs.


Gallo innovates and expands its range of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
and complements its Classic range with the new Mild and Intense

String Trio

watch video watch video "String Trio"

Launch of the Extra Virgin Fruity Olive Oil.

Extra virgin fruity

watch video watch video "Extra virgin fruity"

Gallo freshens up its image by introducing a modern bottle,
albeit faithful to its iconic status. In order to celebrate this
moment it launches the “Tira-me Tudo” (Take everything
from me) video, an expression for the “Portugality”
of a new generation.

Tira-me tudo

watch video watch video "Tira-me tudo"

Gallo creates its first campaign
exclusive to the Brazilian market.


watch video watch video "discovery"

Launch of Special Selection

Of the almost centuries-old wisdom of Gallo and the selection
of the best fruit from the best olive trees, Gallo Special Selection
is born. It is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of exceptional
quality and with low acidity. It comes in a dark colored glass
bottle in order to maintain its characteristics.

New brand video to strengthen Gallo’s
contemporary “Portugality”.

Portuguese Recipe

watch video watch video "Portuguese Recipe"

Gallo launches the My First Olive Oil for children

Gallo My First Olive Oil meets your baby’s
specific needs and contributes to a
balanced diet and healthy growth.

Loyal to its innovative mind-set and ambition
Gallo launches two new product categories:
vinegar and olive paste.


Launch of Gallo Moonlight Crop

Derived from an ancient ritual of harvesting by night, Gallo Moonlight
is the result of harvesting the olives at night when the
temperatures are at their lowest, favoring the presence of the
fruit’s aromas and flavors. This is a truly exclusive
olive oil to satisfy the most demanding palate.

Moonlight Crop

watch video watch video "Moonlight Crop"

New image in Extra Virgin range.

Gallo strengthens its brand credentials of wholesome
tradition in the Brazilian market with a new
video aimed specifically at this market.


watch video watch video "invitations"

Gallo Creates Worldwide


Always loyal to its innovative mind-set and ambition, Gallo
launches Gallo Olives in Brazil because the best olives are
behind the best olive oil.

The Olive

watch video watch video "The Olive"

Continuing its quest to strengthen its contemporary “Portugality”,
Gallo launches the “Renewed Traditions” video.

Renewed Traditions

watch video watch video "Renewed Traditions"

Gallo launches the “The Legend” campaign with the aim of
strengthening its almost centuries-old legacy in Brazil.

The Legend

watch video watch video "The Legend"

Elected as the best olive oil in the world - gold medal
Mario Solinas Award, the only award recognized by the IOC.

This film is a tribute to all prizes won by Gallo every year.

World Best Olive Oil

watch video watch video "World Best Olive Oil"

Gallo changes its image to dark colored glass in order
to preserve the olive oil’s quality right up to your table.

Dark colored glass

watch video watch video "Dark colored glass"

Gallo creates its first campaign
exclusively for the Angolan market.


watch video Azeite é Gallo,
mama Kuiba é que sabe!

Launching of the 2012.2013
Edition of Gallo First Crop
with a 360º worldwide campaign.

Gallo First Crop 2012.2013

watch video watch video "Gallo First Crop 2012.2013"

Gallo Olive Oil is the 3rd largest olive oil brand in the world.
Sold in over 40 countries, and is a category reference in
Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela and Angola.



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